InLine ITS - Intelligent Transportation SystemsAs the number of vehicles on our roads increases and the need for better traffic control and pre-planning for possible emergency evacuations become more important, effective Traffic Management and Traffic Engineering have become major issues for many state, county, and city governments. Traffic Engineers have long been aware of the tremendous advantages real-time traffic cameras and traffic data sensors can provide, but for many years the expense involved with traffic camera systems made them cost prohibitive. But now, with InLine fiber optic and wireless networking expertise at the disposal of state and local governments, the cost of deploying traffic cameras, traffic sensors, and traffic signals is greatly reduced.

InLine’s solutions have been used by Service Providers and Government Agencies to bridge the Digital Divide for years, providing not only metro-scale fixed broadband for public and internal municipal use, but also for citywide mobile public safety networks covering hundreds of vehicles in a single area.

InLine can also provide wireless networking and programming capability for traffic warning systems, Dynamic Message Signs (DMS), and hurricane and catastrophe evacuation management systems.

InITS is dedicated to improving your transportation systems, helping you save money, time, and most importantly, lives.


 InLine ITS Goals
  • Make traffic flow more efficient, reducing excess fuel consumption
  • Make travel safer and reduce motor vehicle accidents and fatalities
  • Improve emergency response time
  • Improve traveler awareness through the use of Dynamic Message Signs
  • Be prepared for emergency evacuation
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